We support the development of new strategies and approaches to the digital health markets (EU/US focus) and collaborate with top international organizations (WHO, UN, HIMSS).

Current Projects

Health Action Tank is involved in a variety of global and local initiatives that support digital transformation of healthcare and smart cities for communities’ wellbeing.

WHO - AI4Health

The ITU/WHO Focus Group on artificial intelligence for health (FG-AI4H) works in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) to establish a standardized assessment framework for the evaluation of AI-based methods for health, diagnosis, triage or treatment decisions.

United Nations

Climate Leadership is a joint program working with CEE-located companies to turn their climate goals into action.

Past Projects

Digital Transformation - City of Warsaw

Advising the city council on social impact of digital transformation, with a special focus on free data access.

Digital Assistants with IBM Watson Health

We’ve run a number of research projects on Patient Experience with automated health assistants in long-term preventive initiatives for obesity and diabetes.

Data Ethics with Stanford University's Digital Impact

We’ve prepared The Nonprofit’s Guide to Managing Health Data for Stanford University’s Market for Good (currently Digitial Impact).

PX in Interoperability with HIMSS

We’ve participated in a number of HIMSS (Healthcare Information Management Systems Society) projects regarding interoperability, e.g. The Health Story. Our focus was Patient Experience and non-technical users UX research.

Ethically Aligned Design by IEEE

We participated in preparation of the first edition of the biggest industry publication on ethical data management so far.

The Digital Health Society

We were among the founding members engaged in the initiative coordinated by European Connected Health Alliance.