About Us

Health Action Tank was founded in 2016, one year after Sustainable Development Goals were defined.  We believe that, as defined by World Health Organization: „Better health is central to human happiness and well-being. It also makes an important contribution to economic progress.

Health Action Tank’s role is to make preventive healthcare accessible and affordable for everyone by:

– providing toolboxes for UX Designers and Business Analysts that support the development of patient-friendly solutions,

– co-create international industry standards for digital health and AI for health. 

We are headquartered in European Union.

The Founder

Agata Piekut is World Health Organization’s Expert on Digital Health, UN’s Expert on Climate Leadership. President of Health Action Tank where she’s led patient engagement and data ethics, with a special focus in AI, projects in cooperation with IEEE Global A/IS Ethics Initiative, Stanford University’s Digital Health, IBM, and HIMSS.

She specializes in international market development for tech/digital ventures and sociolinguistic design.